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                    Intuitive Psychic Tarot Readings

          Clairvoyant ~ Clairsentient ~ Clairaudient

                               Vibrational Healer

Why a Reading?

Seeing Beyond Time As We Know It.

When seeking Angelique’s assistance, be prepared and open to hearing incites and truths that are for your benefit and for your highest good. She will give you accurate predictive information of what is coming up in all areas of your life and quite often time lines of when things will transpire.  Her use of the Tarot Cards as a tool for focus  provides the guidance and information for a very detailed reading. When you experience a reading with Angelique, you will receive knowledge that will help you to prepare for events coming up, potential choices and reactions you can make and the overall consequences in response to each of these  professionally, romantically spiritually and health wise. Quite often names, events, and descriptive circumstances will be revealed, so that you will receive confirmation and validation assisting and empowering you to make necessary decisions easier. Guidance, assistance, information, compassion and understanding is just moments away.

In this busy world we live in, sometimes one just feels STUCK and unsure what to do next  for the best outcome  in regards to changes we would like to make or that are imposed upon oneself by others. When certain situations are experienced, or presented, they can leave one with a sense of euphoria, love, excitement, clarity, opportunity, likewise they can bring the illusion of fear, anticipation of loss, confusion, anxiety, emotional pain, heartache, sorrow, anger, or mistrust, towards others and to oneself. In these moments, one can easily lose touch with ones own inner voice (intuition) that we all have, so we look for answers, clarity, validation, different solutions outside of oneself through readings and/or healing.

Angelique is offering her assistance with her natural gift to help guide you in your process. You may contact her by emailing your question(s) or alternatively requesting an appointment for a live reading by Telephone, Skype or in person.

“Just come with your questions, an open mind and heart.”

“Advanced tangible knowledge to empower yourself,enabling better choices, creating transformation, peace love and positive change in your life.”

“Move from a place of anticipation to actual accomplishments in your life.”

“Experience a broader perspective and deeper understanding, with people and situations we are about to experience or have experienced – cultivating inner guidance, wisdom and divine discrimination.”