We are “Spiritual Beings” having a “Human Experience.”

Each person’s path is different. Our journeys and lessons are what we are here to learn and transform. We all have different experiences or our perceptions of the same event or person can be most different as no two people are quite the same. Until we have come to understand and truly love ourselves, have self worth and attained Mastery of our self and ego.

We have come here to this earth to experience lessons — through our friends, family, community, workplace, sickness, tragedies, and the loss of loved ones. The “problems” we Perceive to be facing can be Spiritual, Mental, Emotional or Physical in nature or a combination of the above.,Whatever your belief system is, religious background or even if you are Atheist, will not affect your experience or the outcome of your sessions with me.

All the experiences that we undergo as human beings from the time we are in the womb can take a toll on our physical, emotional and outer body, whether it is a great and wonderful experience, or a fearful or painful loss that our body reacts to as contractions.

Self esteem issues, abuse, and lack of love for ourself, will also manifest itself as disrupted energy in the body and its fields, thus creating an imbalance. These memories,emotions, and actions are all recorded, and charges are created in the mind, almost like a computers memory-the hard drive if you will. These charges in turn are stored as pockets of energy in the body. These pockets of energy over periods of time can obstruct the life force flow also known as Chi, Prana and Kundalini from flowing the way it is supposed to in Harmony, thus manifesting as disease or depression in the human body and creating disharmony.  This is where “PRC can help you.

Having studied various different healing systems from around the world,I am dedicated to assisting in the healing process of the physical body energetically, collectively and our planetary environment. I am usually guided to work via my hands transferring energy on to the patient (or hands off as guided and/or according to the client comfort level.) I also work over distance as energy can be sent anywhere and is just as effective as if you were in the same room.

It is a peaceful and subtle energy that can sometimes be experienced in your body either by heat or cool in certain areas, tingling as the energy is absorbed by your body. You will experience this transformative energy multi-dimensionally, assisting you to move through and release these unhealthy energy blocks that no longer serve you, and transmuting them so you will feel more energetic, healthier, more at peace and in harmony with your self, your loved ones and all whom you come into contact with each day.

Angelique assists with a gentle, compassionate, honest and direct approach. She has been guided since childhood and has chosen to assist others through her direct connection to spirit to compassionately bring to light the solutions, healings, options and focus, thus enabling your peace of mind and support on your journey of growth and change.