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This is an ongoing body of work, so please check back often.  Many things will be addressed and also tools offered to assist in your individual process. This is the most amazing time in our planets history as well as the evolution of mankind.  There is nothing to fear.
It is suggested that you consult your Doctor or Healthcare Practitioner when experiencing these symptoms, AS not all of these are attributed to what we call the ASCENSION PROCESS.
What is 2012 / Happenings Astrologically / Myths / Physical Symptoms / Mayan 2012 / End of cycles, NOT end of the world.
Ascension Process /
Ascension Process Symptoms *
The chances are you have probably been feeling many of these symptoms lately and in many cases more intensely since the end of last year.
Ringing of the ears
Strange sleeping patterns. Disrupted sleep.
Increase of sensitivity to certain foods, Allergies, Diet Changes, Physical cravings
Weight fluctuation
Relationships ending all of a sudden / New ones beginning
Passion / Desire to get more creative /
Depression for no apparent reason / Mood swings
Palpitations, Chest Pains
Feeling that body is moving faster
Stomach problems, Nausea
Eyes feeling more sensitive, better vision, lesser vision
Feeling very spacey, Ungrounded
Lack of concentration