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                    Intuitive Psychic Tarot Readings

          Clairvoyant ~ Clairsentient ~ Clairaudient

                               Vibrational Healer

Indepth Psychic Tarot Readings

Angelique assists with a gentle, compassionate, honest and direct approach. Through the use of her clear, guided intuition and her Tarot cards as a tool for focus, you will receive in-depth and comprehensive predictive information pertaining to all areas of your life. Angelique ensures comfort, confidentiality and professionalism at all times.

She has been guided since childhood and has chosen to assist others through her direct connection to spirit to compassionately bring to light the solutions, options and focus, thus enabling your peace of mind and support on your journey of growth and change.

Experience an insightful session with Angelique and be guided to make clear, decisive choices in order to manifest with greater ease. Questions related to your Finances, Career, Business Development, Relationships (business and personal), Romance, Health, Family, and Spiritual Growth.

Come with your questions, an open mind and heart!

Angelique when doing an in depth reading of one hour (or more) will shed light and inform you of what she sees in various aspects of your life, health, finances, career and relationships. She will then invite you to ask questions either about or in addition to the information she has given you.

You are the Director, Producer and Actor in your own play of life. You are in charge of your own life!

A Psychic Tarot Reading assists you, as if you are planning to go on a road trip and you are getting directions for the journey ahead of time. You will receive information pertaining to wonderful life changing events coming up, new people you may encounter, it shows you possible speed bumps that life may present and difficulties or resistance you may encounter on the way. An overview of what you can expect and receive in your reading:-

Ensure that you are “on track”

See what responses and actions other people might take that affect you.

See the best options and path to take amongst the several choices open to you.

Provide alternatives to possibly help prepare for so you can minimize or avoid the severity of unpleasant coming events and/or people.

Prepare you for joyful and happy events about to happen in your life or that window of opportunity or “lucky break” as some say, so you can see the synchronicities unfold.

Angelique can often connect to your loved ones who are close to you in spirit, those who have made the transition to the other side and tell you what signs and messages are available from them to you, should you wish to hear them.